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Chris Palmer

Associate Professor of English

Contact Information

Office: English Building (EB 27), Room 155
Phone: 470-578-6215
Fax: 470-578-9057


Associate Professor of English

Teaching at Kennesaw State since Fall 2009

Education: M.A. in English Language and Literature, 2003, University of Michigan; Ph.D. in English Language and Literature, 2009, University of Michigan

Specializations: History of the English Language; Contemporary English Linguistics; Medieval English Literature

Courses Regularly Taught:  ENGL 2145: Introduction to English Studies; ENGL 2172: British Literature to 1660; ENGL 4370: British Medieval Literature; ENGL 4620: Senior Seminar (Canterbury Tales); ENGL 7731: Language Studies in English; LING 3035: Introduction to Language and Linguistics; LING 3040: History of the English Language; LING 3050: Sociolinguistics; LING 3055: Politics and the English Language; PRWR 6000: Research Methods and Style.

Most Recent or Most Important Publications:  2017 "Tremble and tremor: Etymology, usage patterns, and sound symbolism in the history of English." With Elan D. Louis. Neurology 88.7: 706-710.

2015 “Measuring productivity diachronically: nominal suffixes in English letters, 1400–1600.” English Language and Linguistics 19.1: 107-129.

2015 “The phrasal verb in American English: Using corpora to track down historical trends in particle distribution, register variation, and noun collocations.” With David West Brown. In Studies in the History of the English Language VI: Evidence and Method in Histories of English. Eds. Michael Adams, R. D. Fulk, and Laurel J. Brinton. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 71-98.

2015 "Comparing Student Assessments and Perceptions of Online and Face-to-Face Versions of an Introductory Linguistics Course." With David Johnson. Online Learning 19.2: 1-18.

2013 “Historical sociolinguistic approaches to derivational morphology: A study of speaker gender and nominal suffixes in Early Modern English.” Token: A Journal of English Linguistics 2: 5-22.

2008 “Borrowed Derivational Morphology in Late Middle English: A Study of the Records of the London Grocers and Goldsmiths.” In Studies in the History of the English Language IV: Empirical and Analytical Advances in the Study of English Language Change. Eds. Susan Fitzmaurice and Donka Minkova. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter, 231-64.

2006 “The Importance of Historical Corpora, Reliability, and Reading.” With Anne Curzan. In Corpus-based Studies in Diachronic English. Eds. Facchinetti and Rissanen. Bern: Peter Lang, 17-34.


Program Members

Brennen, Terri
Figueiredo, Sergio
Giddens, Elizabeth
Grooms, Tony
Guglielmo, Letizia
Harper, M. Todd
Johnson, David
Levy, Aaron
McGrath, Laura
Niemann, Linda
Odom, Mary Lou
Palmer, Chris
Sumner, Melanie
Wilson, Ralph